Social media image branding & design software

IDCreative software

Originally this software was created for the printing industry, specifically plastic card printing for which it is still being used, among a few customers are Nottingham Express Transit in a busy customer facing environment and The Card Project for online card ordering

I developed the software further to allow design and post to social media and want to take the software to new levels enabling fast composition of social ready images and scheduling to multiple social media platforms - any platforms that expose an API. I did this to develop a marketing strategy for The Card Project but later found myself without the necessary staff to continue

Design features

Custom elements

It is possible to compose complex design elements and save them as a single component, meaning in the future you can simply drag and drop your elements to quickly add complex branding to images or other card files


This video shows a number of related elements being selected and saved together as a custom element. It then shows a new design being made with the new custom element dropped onto the design surface. Finally, although not necessary, the custom element is divided back into the items it was originally made from


IDCreative has layers to separate shapes from text to make working with designs easier, and a separate background layer. Items can be hidden and locked too

Some other design features:

  • Colour replacer - replace every instance of a specific colour in one go
  • Grid on/off and snap to grid
  • format aligning elements and format painting

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Social Media features

Currently it is possible to post directly to Twitter, also to Facebook but not without further approval from Facebook (for live posting), and to Pinterest via a web handler. I would like to add the ability to target every major platform that provide an API to do this


So far, I have worked only on Twitter for the scheduling, but would love to include other platforms in future builds

It is possible to add any number of Twitter apps, any number of Twitter accounts (using safely stored data). For any design a user can add any number of 'descriptions' too within the meta data. What this means is that a whole campaign can be created for a set of designs, each design with a different description for every time it is posted, this creates unique content between posts. There are no limits to how many different Twitter accounts can be posted to. 


Build a set of card files, each with multiple descriptions and you have a campaign which can be left running to post to Twitter (and other platforms soon). For example, 10 designs each set with 10 descriptions gives you 100 posts. Set the posting interval to 5 minutes and you have 500 minutes of unattended branded content for Twitter posting

Campaigns can be saved and reused, no limit to the number of campaigns that can be created

File management

There are no limits to the number of designs you can make and save, and every single piece of text placed on every design in your library can be searched to help you find the design you know you made but cannot remember where or when

Files can be searched on meta data and on time created too.

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