By the end of the first year....

I want to develop these systems to be able to target as many platforms as we can and with the least amount of effort for the end user. It costs $10 per month for Buffer with only 10 social profiles, this system will be unlimited and you will have a lifetime license (x 5)! And... it can be developed towards your vision and mine, only if you want to be involved - otherwise please just pledge and receive ongoing updates throughout the year

I want to find ways of getting branded, designed templates to users with the least amount of effort on their part, enabling their social media output to be strongly branded and visually appealing without any of the design effort associated with that

I am excited by the possibility that with your contribution we can build towards a system which would be a tool of choice at any social marketing agency

Feature summary

  • I want us to able to target as many platforms as possible with our software
  • We can create an advanced scheduling system to output to social media streams unattended, online or offline (local or hosted)
  • Provide an easy way for businesses to post branded personalized templates into their customers social profile
  • Make easy to use design features meaning creating Memes and templated layouts with branding becomes a small task

Most importantly...

I want to develop this system towards the needs of those who have pledged first. I have enough of a spec for many months of work, but it would be fantastic to be working towards real world needs in social media marketing. There will be direct channels between myself and those who have pledged, and so this software can be shaped by you!

Please pledge now at

Email me at to ask any questions