Please pledge and become a part of my IMAGE SCRIPTING technology

You are invited to become an active part of the continued development of my software! I have already developed several related software systems which use images that can contain dynamic data, but I want to turn all of this software into social media marketing tools, for branding and posting branded imagery in real time and via scheduled output. And if you are in the social marketing space, I will take your ideas and implement them during the year

I am a UK based software developer, my name is Richard Green and I currently freelance as

Due to lack of marketing capability I'm at the point of having to put down this development permanently. Everything you see in these pages has been created by me proactively. Without funding this year though I won't be able to take this technology to where it should be, helping businesses quickly and easily get their brand onto their social media messages!

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Email me at to ask any questions

Make up your design library

  • Use IDCreative to design an unlimited number of designs
  • Add formatted text which can be scripted and edited at key times
  • Powerful custom element feature allows quick re-use of complex design elements
  • Search on any text on every design in your entire library to quickly find an existing template

See the section The Software > IDCreative for a technical view (main menu)

Post to social media

  • Currently Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest but ALL platforms with an API within one year
  • Post images and links (via web handler)

Post to the cloud

  • Designs can be uploaded to the cloud with one click where your key users can personalize them
  • By hosting pre-designed templates in the cloud, you (or your customers) no longer have to wait for your designer to make that branded social message

See the section The Software > for more information

Automate and schedule campaigns

  • Unlimited number of social media accounts, build campaigns to auto post your branded messages over time
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Become a key figure in shaping this behavior over the next year by pledging

My offer to you

I have five weeks (until the 1st April 2018) to find 100 contributors each pledging £120 for this project. My work will run from April 1st 2018 until 30th March 2019 and so for that year I will work entirely on this one project, my salary will be the funding = £12,000 less crowd funding fees. Not a lot for a software developer in the UK but I hope that shows my dedication 

I will set up a LinkedIn group to provide a discussion forum for all contributors and create a mailing list of contributors for regular updates from me (weekly)

You will receive 5 licenses of the desktop software which will never expire, direct support from me personally and development level use of the web hosting side - there are costs associated with hosting which might be improved if we develop this side together. Any updates will be accessible during the development period with regular updates as new features are added and improved

My development will be mainly led by contributors, it will be in my interests to develop according to the needs of those paying for and using the system (you). That's not to say that I'm short of ideas, I could code forever on my ideas alone, but that would be much less fruitful

If anybody can see commercial potential in this system or any derived system we could create together then by pledging a larger share of the target funds you can receive a share of that future possibility and a greater degree of control over the direction of the software. It is also possible for early adopters to fund this project solely thus having full control of the direction of the software

Please pledge now at

Email me at to ask any questions

Who should pledge?

I will be grateful for absolutely any pledge! But the ideal persons could be:

Anybody running multiple social media accounts, or running a small business but intending on outputting branded content to social media

Any businesses who regularly output images as part of their interface, card files enable real time adding of branding via mobile or even via automation and we can find ways of executing the output in the quickest ways possible

Anybody who needs automation of imagery, particularly if the imagery contains captions or text. For example, a betting company would benefit from being able to quickly publish an 'in play' offer of betting, and that social media post be fully branded rather than plain text (for greater audience response). In a normal situation, using branded content will mean relying on a designer to produce it, with the design is ready for simple textual change (which itself can be automated)

Any business where graphics need to be personalized, like, from the customer back to the server

Developers (.NET) who want to avoid complex client graphic code - use cardfiles to render dynamic graphics from the server. See and

Please pledge now at

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